Fast Bread PH: Your Daily Destination for Freshly Baked Delights!

Shopee Products New Arrivals!

Step into our bakery and let the delicious scent of freshly baked treats welcome you!

From golden, crusty loaves to decadent pastries, every item at Fast Bread PH is crafted with love and care.

Our bakers are up at dawn to ensure you get the freshest products straight from the oven.

We’ve got it all, whether it’s buttery bread for breakfast or a rich, indulgent cake for a special occasion.

Join us in celebrating life’s simple pleasures, one delectable bite at a time. And don’t forget to ask about our daily specials and promotions for an extra treat!

Come over to Fast Bread PH, located at Dy Pico Building, Ground Floor, Door 2, Poblacion, Iligan City. We can’t wait to serve you! 🥐🥖🧁

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Shopee Products New Arrivals!