Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco-Park

Shopee Products New Arrivals!

Tara sa Iligan Paradise Resort as a FRIEND! 😂
Taken earlier today…
50 pesos parin! Arat na!
Location: Mimbalot Falls, Buruun Iligan City
Likod sa School of Fisheries.
Entrance fee- 50 pesos adult
Kids/senior- 40
November- open only during sat and sundays
Due to social distancing policy mao rani ang pwede masulod sa cottages:
Cottage- 300 (good for 12)
Cottage 500 ( good for 20)

Pwede ang bata and wala pami ga require og vaccine cards for now. Basta lang walay hilanat pagcheck sa thermo scanner.
Please manage your expectations well. Our entrance fee is only 50 pesos and unlike other resorts ours is in full nature mode so dili malikayan na naa tay mga fallen leaves sa pools as we are surroended with trees mao nang landong kaayo atong mga pool areas. Thanks!


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Shopee Products New Arrivals!